Giving Back with Impact.

Below are a few examples of organizations that can receive donations; or a business can designate their own local non-profit organization.


Homeless and Hungry


United Way

Local Food Banks


Special Olympics

Boys & Girls Clubs

Local Community Initiatives

Environmental Awareness

Humane Society of the United States

Green Peace

Local Environmental Groups

Children's Services

Save the Children

Make-A-Wish America

Local Children's Services Agencies

Arts, Culture, Humanities

NPR - National Public Radio

Lincoln Center for Performing Arts

Local Arts, Cultural Humanities Groups

Family Services

Autism Society of America

American Red Cross

Local Family Services Agencies

Health Initiatives

National Kidney Foundation

Muscular Dystrophy Association

Local Health Agencies


All businesses - large or small - can take advantage of this positive, and unique, way of giving back!

When a business uses Impact for it's credit card processing, the business can designate a charity to receive a monthly/quarterly donation resulting from the business' credit card transactions, all at no extra cost.

and  Transaction Services

that benefit YOUR CAUSE.

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Human Services

Amnesty International USA

Habitat for Humanity

Local Human Services Groups

Merchant Credit Card Processing


As of May 2017, Impact Data and its affiliate companies have donated the following amount to charitable organizations: